Project Description


Fine Crystal Coating: SENSHA NEPAL’s most popular car care product, Fine Crystal contains glass coating agent as the principal component. Fine crystal is specifically designed to form glass coating layer, producing a fine glossy finish and a wet-look without unevenness. Fine Crystal is glass based coating and
it never gets oxidized (yellowing) and deteriorated.

Crystal Glow 1, 3, 5, 8-Year Coating

Fine Crystal Glow produces long, durable Glass Coating Film which has high hardness and water repellent properties. It leaves the car surface looking extremely glossy and shiny. Only the top coating agents are utilized for this product. Its coating durability lasts from 1, 3, 5 or 8 years depending on your needs.

SENSHA NEPAL Crystal Glow stands out as the top quality glass coating agent.

  • Provides 9H hardness
  • Creates a glossy look on the car body
  • Protects from ultra-violet and acid rain
  • Protect paint surface against chemical pollution and bird droppings
  • Protects from minor scratches due to car washing and or light touch
  • Protects the car from color fading
  • Water repellent agents avoid staining of the surface
  • Simplifies maintenance and easy to remove/wash dirt after coatng
  • Maintains long asset value of the car


Cleaning and coating ingredients combine to give you the benefits of coating and washing at the same time! Power Foam creates tiny bubbles to gently clean your car without damaging or scratching the surface. This special washing element provides your car with special coating film and long lasting protection for up to 3 months. Regular use of SENSHA NEPAL’s Power Foam will make scratches less visible on the car surface.


Water repellent accelerant provides finest deep gloss and water repellent effect. It significantly improves the glass coating features with a simple application. It is used after application of Crystal Glow to further extend the Glass Coating effect. Waxing doesn’t last long and may further create swirl marks on your car’s body, ruining the overall look. SENSHA NEPAL’s Water Repellent Accelerant provides longevity and durability of the coating effect which is better than the commonly old-fashioned waxing. It enhances the appearance of your vehicle, giving it a new life.